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2018 SWMCH Seniors
Educating Lives in Christ

Welcome to Our School

Southwest MN Christian High School recognizes that our children are image-bearers of God. We are committed to develop each student's spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and academic potential in a caring Christian community where all activities seek to be motivated by our commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We help students learn to study the world in the light of the Bible. We strive to help students understand how each area of life fits into God's great plan and how God's will is important in all of life. Biblically based education guides children toward their commitment to serve God and neighbor in all aspects of life.

Upcoming Events


SWC Circles Supper

Walking taco/Hot Dog/ Pulled Pork Meal Hosted by Circle #14W ... details

Monday 5:00pm

Girls - C - Basketball

Monday 6:00pm

Girls - B/Varsity - Basketball

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The SWMCH 2018-2019 Academic Calendar is available by clicking on Calendars above

December 17: Walking Taco, Hotdog, Barbecue Supper hosted by Circle #14, serving time 5:00-7:30 p.m.

December 19-21: 1s Semester EXAMS will be conducted - please click here to view the full exam schedule:   Just a couple of reminders: Freshmen and Sophomores are required to be in school the extent of the school day during exams. Juniors and Seniors have an open campus during the exam schedule times allowing them to study at home or in school along with lunch breaks away from the school campus.

Season of Thanksgiving and Christmas Sharing

For our Season of Thanksgiving and Christmas Sharing opportunity this year, the SW students and staff will be raising funds to support boys and girls who attend Juan Calvin Christian School in Barranquilla, Columbia.

We will be supporting 10 students with their expense ($420.00) of attending Juan Calvin Christian so they too can experience and be part of an educational institution where God is proclaimed and classroom instruction emphasizes serving God and others.

This is a significant goal for each Living Group to collect, but with the help of our extended family and friend groups, we feel we can support these students for a school year.

Thank you for your financial support to bring God's story to these students through their day-to-day learning!

Please join us in praying for these students for their current and future needs.


WINTERIM: Please click on this link  

to view information for WINTERIM courses students will participate in January 2-January 4.







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