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Student Psalms

The students who wrote tthese psalms invite you to use them to glorify God.

These psalms are printed with permission.

spring field

Junior Psalm 1

You are the breath of life,
Creator of all things big and small.
Father of compassion and God of all comfort.
Praise the Most High God!
You give life to everything that lives,
And healing to all those who are frail.
We receive strength from you each morning
To perform the work required of us.
Praise the Most High God!
Your love overflows over all the earth,
There is no way to flee from your love.
Your love overrules and overtakes our sins
And cleanses us from all our iniquities.
Praise the Most High God!
Your forgiveness is unfathomable.
*We are forgiven for lying,
We are forgiven for any sins we commit,
Because of the forgiveness we can receive but never give.
Praise the Most High God!
You control the weather and all that surrounds us.
We complain about it more than we give thanks.
You have power over the seasons and crops,
Knowing exactly what we need and not what we want.
Praise the Most High God!
We are blessed more than we can grasp,
In ways we don’t realize are there.
Some of them are hidden, some we can see,
But I give you thanks for all my blessings.
Praise the Most High God!

Junior Psalm 2pray

Praise the Lord our God!
The creator of the heavens and the earth!
For he has given us many things and has blessed us richly
He has given to us every blessing, and has made us prosper
Although we may complain about where we go or what we learn,
The Lord our God has blessed us with these things 
Although we may not want to learn, 
the Lord our God has blessed us with this education
Lord forgive us for when we complain to you about our blessings
For they are meant for us and for our good
Forgive us for this toxic sin of ungratefulness
Praise the Lord for his goodness
He has made our crops grow and our families prosper
He has given us everything good
The Lord our God has blessed us even in our transgressions
even when we sin against him.
Praise the Lord our God.

summer rainbowJunior Psalm 3

Oh God how majestic is your work
How awesome you are God
Oh how beautiful everything on the earth is
You leave me in awe Lord
Lord you are so strong
You are so powerful Lord
You give me strength in times when I am weak
I feel your power in my weakest times
You oh Lord are the light of world
Oh Lord you are the truth and the way
Your lights shines me through the darkest of valleys
How I rely on your to figure out the truths of this world
When I am in times of need you comfort me
You watch over me in the hardest times of life
You give me a shoulder to lean on
You put your arm around me and lift me up
Lord you give me more blessing than the sand on the seashore
I thank you for all that I have
The blessing are more numerous than the stars in the sky
I thank you for all that you have given me 
You are a forgiving Lord
You are a loving Lord
With your forgiveness well will one day see the heavens
Your love comforts us in our darkest times


Junior Psalm 4
Praise you O Lord for your love is everlasting 
Your love O lord is eternally great. 
We see the beauty of your creation all around us
For we know the beauty of creation comes from you.
The majesty of your glory is shown all around us
Your glory shines throughout the world.
Your glorious truth is shown through your promises 
Your promises are never failing. 
You are the creator and giver of life 
For you give life to all the creatures of the world. 
We praise you O God for being the author and finisher of all true hope 
We praise you for your unfailing love.

Junior Psalm 5light in storm

How Great are you O God,
How wonderful are you in all of your glory
You test me in every moment 
You lead me through the bad and the good
You rage throughout the most powerful storms 
Your power is exalted through mightiest winds
You guide your people through all uncertainties
You lead them through the path of fire
You bring down terror upon the enemies
You make thy enemies flee from your glory
Your glory is unfathomable 
Your works are wonderful

word collage

Junior Psalm 6

    The Lord is my hope and my salvation. 
    My soul finds rest in the Lord. 
    For he is my rock and my salvation
    In him I cannot be shaken
    Like a fortress in a storm, he protects me. 
    Even as the windows rattle and the winds rage
    He will always be there. 
    Things get rough and temptation is there
    But God is your rock and steady foundation 
    He will not let you down. You will not fall. 
        Knowing he is right there watching over me. 
        The Lord is my comfort. 
        He will always be there. 
        Praise God for the things he gives you
        For he could easily take it away. 
He’s the constant in your life when other things disappear
The Lord is my strength. 
“Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will never pass away” 
He will always be there. 
Like a mother loves her child, the Lord loves us
He created us in his image
We should strive for perfection
The Lord watches over us 
The Lord is my Protection. 
The Lord watches over us day and night 
He will always be there. 
In a time of need you are there
You give and take away
You know what is best
And have a plan for everyone 
You watch over your people
    The Lord won’t let you fall 
    He will always be there. 
The Lord is righteous in all his ways 
    And near to all who call on him.
    Let every creature praise his name 
    My mouth will praise him forever and ever. 
    The Lord watches over all who love him
    God is our Protector and creator
    He will always be there.
Junior Psalm 7Praise
“O Lord my God, I exalt you forever and ever.
My mouth will eternally shout songs of praise to you. 
You alone are everlasting,
and your throne will stand through all generations. 
You have saved me from all evil,
and You have sent your son to die for me. 
You have preserved your people,
and have freed them from all snares.
In you alone will I trust.
I will follow your upright laws.
I will sing of your excellent greatness endlessly,
and praise you for your mighty majesty.”

Junior Psalm 8daisies

God overflows my life with endless love
and with grace I’ve not deserved
Though I live a life of sinful thoughts and actions,
He never fails to show me love
When I am alone and afraid,
God stands by my side
By His generous hand he has saved me,
redeeming me from my immense sin
God hears my cries for help
and comes to my rescue
Though I’ve rejected his Mighty Hand
He never gives up on me
I praise the Lord for his everlasting love
that he has shown to all his children

Junior Psalm 9mountain grandeur

Your imagination, Lord
is something we cannot comprehend.
Your creativity cannot be fathomed
by even the greatest of minds.
The grandeur you created
is displayed everywhere we put our eyes;
There is not one corner of the earth that is not plastered
with the jaw-dropping splendor of your hands.
I see it in the big things,
such as the galaxies billions of light-years away,
And in the trillions of stars in each galaxy
and that you names each and every one of them.
I see your originality in the small things
like the countless number of customized snowflakes;
In the trillions of cells in our bodies that never cease to work,
keeping us alive without us even knowing.
You innovation is also present in the everyday things,
such as the earth spinning at 1040 miles per hour without us realizing it,
And in each different unique person, none of which have had the same story
out of the 7 billion people alive on earth today.
I admire your artistry every day of my life;
I am filled with reverence at the sight of the glory you made.
I am at a loss for words when I am in the presence of your craftsmanship;
the vastness of your imagination is too vast to be fathomed.
cross of Jesus

Junior Psalm 10 

Praise to the Lord,
Blessed to him who sits on the throne.
You know my broken heart,
You see my tormented soul.
You put in place the things I have seen,
You know the sufferings I have known.
Lift this burden!
Take this yoke!
I have seen the children scream for mercy.
I have seen their parents cry for help.
Their babies go hungry.
Their children's ribs are showing.
They freeze in the night.
They boil in the heat.
We do nothing.
We just sit.
Nothing will change.
I no longer think it can.
We turn a blind eye.
It doesn’t exist.
Lord open our hearts.
Unblind our eyes.
Let them see the need of your people.
Let your name be praised.