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You can now order and design your own SWMCH apparel. Tee shirts, sweatshirts and shorts, almost anything you want can be ordered with a SWMCH design. We have an agreement with that allows you to go directly to our school's store to order. We have been given the promotion code BT445 that can be used to receive $9.00 off your order. To start designing your apparel click on this shirt.

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March 2018
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Rube Goldberg
March 2, 2018 |08:00 AM -
Knowledge Bowl
March 5, 2018 |09:00 AM -

Sub-Region @ SMSUSub-Region @ SMSU

Early out
March 7, 2018
Knowledge Bowl
March 8, 2018 |09:00 AM -

Regional @ SMSURegional @ SMSU

Early out
March 14, 2018
March 20, 2018

Sub-section Large Group MusicSub-section Large Group Music

Music Concert
March 25, 2018 |02:30 PM -

Circle #12 is hosting a Music Festival at First CRC.Circle #12 is hosting a Music Festival at First CRC.

No School
March 30, 2018