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Linda Vanderaa

Mrs. Linda Vanderaa Resource Staff

Welcome to the Resource Room!  It is a place that offers students a little extra guidance with their academic needs. We are located in Room #5.




The primary areas of help for students who regularly use the room include: 

 1.  Spending time studying for tests, practicing with review options, using technology as a practice tool, and improving test taking skills

2.  Addressing motivation concerns

3.  Organization, accountability with assignments 

4.  Assisting with research as needed for projects and papers

5.  Having tests read aloud or hearing novels/Bible reading via CD or computer

6.  Developing and using chapter summaries for novels

7.  Determining learning style 

8.  Improving basic academic and learning skills. 

9. Providing tacticle options for improved learning 

10. Developing ways for students to become increasingly self-sufficient

Each student, who reguarly comes to the room, completes a learning survey at the beginning of the year to identify their learning preference.  Throughout the year we focus on their unique learning style and discover how to best use that in a classroom setting. 

The resource room coordinates its efforts with the cooperation of classroom teachers in the ongoing effort to best meet the needs of the individual student.  Teachers are still the primary source of help for daily work and for modifying assignments as needed; whereas the resource room focuses on the bigger picture. 

From time to time, a student may require just a little extra asistance with daily work and a peer mentor might be arranged for them.  This can be arranged for students who regularly use the resource room or for students who do not come here regularly.