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Carry the Light Celebration/Donation Sale

Thank you to all who attended, donated, and participated in the 2018 Carry the Light.

To date we have receipts for $57,000 including $10,300 for Tuition Assistance. 


We have the following items available to purchase:

Coldstone Creamery $10.00 certificate for $15.00.

A Cup of Christmas Tea by Iva De Boer on December 6 at 2:00 p.m. - $55.00 (one certificate available)

5 - Thaw and Eat Pumpkin Pies - $15.00 each

Blocks of Cheese:

          Colby Jack, Parmesan, Muenster, Colby Jack Sticks, Mild Cheddar Sliced Cheese - $10.00 for a package of cheese or 6 - two sticks package of colby jack for $10.00

          Cheese Gift Pack - One each of Muenster, Mild Cheddar, Gouda, and Colby Jack - $40.00

Pizza Ranch Buffet Certificates

          3 - Luverne Pizza Ranch (expire 1/1/19) - $17.00 each

          3 - Worthington Pizza Rach (expire 11/19) - $17.00 each

Meat and Potato Bundles - We sold 8 of these packs, and there was a bigger interest in more. Pulled pork (enough for approximately 30 buns) and garlic mashed potatoes for $70.00. If you have an interest in a pack like this, please call the school office.

Radio Inspirational Messages - 1 month of inspirational messages for personal or business use on KDWC Radio - 99.3. Each month is worth $100.00 and purchase amount to support SW is $125.00. May contact Tom Bouma for additional information or questions: tom@kdwcradio.comor 605-370-9165.

Please contact the school office (442-4471) or stop by the office to purchase of any of these items.

Thank you again for your continued support.