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SWMCH is seeking a C Team Volleyball Coach beginning in the Fall of 2017. A job description and job application are available to interested applicants by clicking on the Employment Opportunities under the ABOUT tab above.

Bus Driver Shortage -- We need your Help!  SMCH has a shortage of bus drivers.  Please consider getting your license and driving an activity bus for us.  It is a great way to serve the students, teachers, and coaches of Southwest MN Christian High School. Each spring it seems as if we have a critical problem as many of our current drivers are working their regular jobs and can’t get off to drive our activity buses. For further information, please contact Darrel Ulferts @ 507-442-4471.

Reflections From Within

We are often asked, “How was your day?”  Without even thinking, I usually answer, “Good.” The other day I attended an online committee meeting. Another teacher and I were the only ones logged on, and we asked each other how the other person’s day was. After I answered my typical ”good,” he asked, “What makes Carrie’s day good?” I loved that additional question! It allowed me to pause and reflect. Was it the fact that my 9 month old was over his cold and slept through the night? Was it a good day because the sun was shining? Was it that I had good student interactions and lessons went according to plan? Or was it that I had gotten all of my clean laundry folded AND put away? What really did make that day great?

This past Sunday, it was easy to wake up on Easter morning and think, “This is a good day!” Our Savior is alive! That alone is enough reason to have a great day each and every day. However, sometimes we need a reminder in our day-to-day responsibilities that God has given us so many blessings and reasons to thank him for the things that make our day great. For me, that reminder was as simple as a colleague asking, “What made today a good day?”

SCHOOL HEADLINES (click a headline to read the story)

Once again Mr. Vanderaa's students have written Psalms.  Please be sure to check them out on the Education in Action page.

Southwest MN Christian High (SWMCH) and Edgerton Christian Elementary (ECES) societies approved a shared administrative structure.  They have been evaluating the idea for a year and have now received approval from both school societies to move forward with a shared administrative structure between SWC and ECES, including a Head of Schools and part-time Director of Learning starting in the 2016-2017 school year. 

The boards at ECES and SWMCH have named Mr. Randy Pfeifle the Head of Schools.  He will be based out of the SWMCH campus and will direct the vision, finances, and administration of the two schools.

Mr. John Top has been hired as Director of Learning and Principal at ECES.  Mr. Top will assume the day-to-day duties at ECES and oversee K-12 education across both schools.

Be sure to go to the Education in Action link on our home page and view the new video, "Alumni Reflections," featuring recent SWMCH graduates speaking about how their experience at Southwest MN Christian helped them as they moved out into the next phase in their lives.